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Internet "Sleuthing" GONE WRONG!

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

Here is an article written by Brittney Britto then of the Baltimore sun.

Baltimore Sun Internet Sleuthing
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First lets look at the very definition of SLEUTHING- to search for an look for information.

What is an internet sleuth?

(1) A person who searches the Internet for information about a company/person, both positive and negative, to keep alongside of public opinion.

A person who looks for things to KEEP THE PUBLIC OPINION OF A PERSON OR SITUATION THE SAME BASED ON THINGS THEY FIND whether they are TRUE OR NOT! Truth does not come in to play only if it tells the agenda they want told.

(2) A person who does any kind of detective work using the Internet.

Paragraph 2 of this article: While law enforcement was busy WATCHING ALL 300+ videos and finding NOTHING THEY THOUGHT THEY COULD CHARGE US WITH ANY KIND OF ABUSE OR NEGLECT. Stated several times by the DA for Frederick county in other news articles.(Wasn't until that botched mental evaluation that they did)

"The Internet" was busy collecting bits and pieces of whatever they could use to keep their negative agenda going. WITH THE ENCOURAGEMENT AND HELP FROM a biological Mother that literally abandoned the same kids she claimed to love and care so much about just a year and a half prior and wanted NOTHING TO DO WITH THEM. You all have now seen the ACTUAL document's you know the ones that I allegedly "forged" and stole her kids, or how about the time she told court she had cancer and needed Chemo and Radiation. I am not the one with the history of lies. I am the one that said yep made some dumb parenting choices, but facts are facts I love them, always will and did NOT ABUSE ANYONE.

Yes cursing and yelling is not good I cant justify that.

Can someone please explain to me though how it is somehow worse than holding a dog up in the air on a leash and strangling it in front of the kids, self mutilation, or how about when they leave telling them because they left your going to kill yourself and it will be their fault. I could go on and on but wont say anything that she hasn't already spouted out of her own mouth saying we made it up as "lies".

I am sorry but to me some FAKE YELLING AND CURSING and and other wise perfectly normal life is so much better then those things.

NOT ALL BABY DADS and STEP MOMS want to take the kids from the Mom. The fact is we never did all we ever wanted was to know they were ok and to give them what they wanted. WHICH IS THE REASON WHY IN THE END OF ALL THIS when they said they wanted to be back with her we stepped down and let her do whatever she had to in order to prove HERSELF. In that she unfortunately continued to project like they were still in the situation they were in because of us. Reality is had she never of gotten involved, they wouldn't have had the option of going back with her and they would have never left our home just like the OTHER BOYS DIDNT.

When does this END? When does my FAMILY get justice from her life of LIES and projection.

Being quoted in this article saying her getting emergency custody was "something that wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for the YouTube community". She was absolutely right because those "Sleuths" were so worried about proving what they "thought" they saw, they didn't care to see what was right in front of them in large bold print.

Those kids were put back in a situation for 7/10 days where they were fed lord knows what kind of lies and manipulation- then taken immediately for a mental evaluation where things like whatever my mom out there says is best may have been said-RED FLAG.

I guess not though when you want to tell a specific story. With the long history of PARENTAL ALIENATION and PROJECTING she has done, and I will only go back as far as me being in the picture.

Ms. Britto also quoted Chambers, and we know now that she has seen WAY MORE then anyone of the actual truth at this point.

Maybe she should contact her again, and maybe we could actually see some justice so this kind of SELF SERVING MANIPULATIVE SLEUTHING doesn't happen to someone else or worse another family.

It is such a sad situation when parents are separated and the children are not permitted to just LOVE EVERYONE. There has to be jealousy, and evil, and vindictiveness. I WAS NOT THAT STEP PARENT. I DID NOT REMOVE ANYONE- the person removed themselves and then blamed me because it was easier then telling the truth. I know I was not the MOTHER I never tried to be, but I did treat them the same as MINE and I was Mom and to me they will always be my kids no matter where they are.

If you have Twitter go tag @BrittanyBritto maybe she will do a follow up article on "Internet Sleuthing- GONE WRONG"

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