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The TRUTH and the LIES of Daddy O Five, How "Nick Monroe's BLOGS were completely FALSE"

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

Jake wanted to put this in a video and honestly I didn't want it to become this whole big "series" of look "they are trying to make money on the kids and what happened". So I decided here was best.

For the record let it be know that my husband Mike Martin is 100% against me doing this, but I am my own woman. I am the one that was there to witness all of this firsthand from 2011 until 2017. I have promised him not to share the items after the Exparte because they are personal to the kids, and protected and people would say "He allowed me too" even though anyone that knows me at all knows I am not type to be told what I can and cannot do. I will say this our system, is severely broken and I do hope that one day I can use our story to become an advocate for children all over the world.

The first thing I need to say is we are so sorry that we every portrayed ourselves the way we did. We truly thought we were putting on an innocent show and having fun with our kids. We never in a million years thought it would ever escalate to the level that it did. Certainly not to the point of people thinking we were "child abusers". We are sorry to our KIDS, for not doing better. For NOT realizing the turmoil that this could cause. We are sorry that things that we promised would never happen did because of our bad decisions. We have to live with that the rest of our lives, which is more punishment than any mean comment or tweet you can ever leave. We are sorry that C never got to go to Disney. If we had known we wouldn't have him the next month to go alone with just Mike and I, he WOULD HAVE WENT NMW we had to do to ensure his safety.

One thing though I wont do is apologize to "The Internet" I see so many comment "We don't forget" "We don't forgive you". If someone could please explain that logic to me, I am being dead serious. You see "The Internet" is part of the problem, it gives people who don't actually know you, the audacity to think that they have a claim to your life. That they somehow know more about you then someone that has been in your life for 10 years, or your own family. It also gives the people the ignorance, to CREATE problems for people that aren't there just because enough people ban together.

Next I want to say this is NOT an attempt to make anyone want to go attack the other side of this story. I honestly with my whole heart hope and pray that they are different and everything has changed from the past for the sake of the kids.

The truth is IDK whether things have, or haven't and I am not going to stipulate on the NOW. That is something I do not have facts for. I am not like them, I will not make up things just because I can to intentionally cause other people harm. I will just say how it truly was BACK THEN and everything until the disaster of 2017.

I also have to say that NOTHING I am going to share has a thing to do with anything that happened with court and DSS after Mike CONSENTED to the Protection order and they were removed from ROSE. That information is protected and even if it wasn't we wouldn't share it anyway.

The information I am sharing is PUBLIC information LONG PRIOR TO YOUTUBE that people already have bits and pieces of because she gave them all the pieces that would "suit her" and made up excuses for the things that didn't.

This is strictly FACTS to counteract all the LIES that her and her family spread against me, my husband, my entire family in general. While trying to make herself look like a victim.

She played the entire world for FOOLS. She used our bad judgement, and mistake's to her advantage to cover up her past and manipulate everyone in to thinking she was a savior and we were even worse then we had made ourselves look. They controlled the narrative, and with the assistance of YouTuber's picking up the story, Independent bloggers, then eventually mainstream media. They took so much from our family and just kept trying to take MORE.

It wasn't enough that she got the "Emergency Order" by withholding pertinent information about herself, and then "Reprogramed" them to think we were monsters that forced her to stay away. After that week they completely changed and wanted to return to her and their previous home in NC. I recently saw someone comment "Stockholm's Syndrome" on one of the unaired footage videos of us talking to them all. They were referring to Mike and I, and the kids. If you really knew the kids though and their past one may really think maybe in that WEEK of being with someone they hadn't seen in years, someone that abandoned them, someone who had a history of not being able to care for them. Maybe just maybe they really did develop that but not with US. Again, I won't say because I DONT KNOW. I am just tired of being blamed for damage I know I did not cause.

I know that I am NOT a perfect parent I don't claim to be we made some very bad decisions that have cost us more then anyone could even grasp. Unfortunately, we had NO CHANCE to prove that we were not the Monsters the world had seen us as. We were regular parents. We did homework with our kids, Dr. Appts., took them on trips, made SO MANY beautiful MEMORIES have been made.

We could have STOPPED the non-sense in 2017 but once that Family became involved everything instantly became a smear campaign, there was no truth in what was being said. It was what else can we put out for publicity, for the sad story, for the GoFund me train. This wasn't the first attempt they had made at a GoFund me with lies. Only this time, they had the public name we had made for ourselves working in their favor.

Instead of putting the kids REAL business out there, we chose to protect them and just SHUT up and take the abuse from her and her follower's even though we could have easily discredited everything that was being said. In doing that though I see now what t did to our other THREE children. So much has been taken from them, they have been through so much constantly feeling like they have to scream the truth from the roof tops but no one wants to listen because there was SO MUCH out there. So much that just is NOT TRUE. The only thing we are guilty of is making bad choices of what was and wasn't ok to put on the internet. WE DID NOT ABUSE OUR KIDS.

At the time we were so hurt, and scared but looking through we did understand HOW people could have come to the impression they did. IF YOU ONLY SAW THE CLIPS, and didn't watch all our videos start to finish it could be made to look awful. -and there is no denying that it was definitely made to look awful. There is also no denying that if we wouldn't have made the choices and decisions we made there wouldn't have been a chance for people to make it awful.

Knowing that, we were so ashamed because we are the people EVERYONE trusted their kids with, we had a good balance of love, fun, and discipline. We even coached T-ball, it was one of our most rewarding times. To know that we are forever stained now as "those people" to people meeting us for the first time has been hard. Although I will say most wouldn't guess we are "DaddyOFive the Internet Pranksters" unless we tell them, but for us it feels like it's written on our foreheads especially for Mike.

We don't hold grudges to the ones that HELPED with the slander and defamation campaign. They themselves were also victimized by the very people they were trying to help. They didn't know. How could they? I am disappointed though that NO ONE reached out with the actual intent of getting the truth. Everyone just wanted in on the "Drama". For people allegedly so concerned over the "wellbeing" of innocent Children, where they really?

I can tell you the AFTERMATH have been FAR MORE DETRIMENTAL then any video we ever made to ALL of us.

Before I get in to the real story I am going to address a few things first, mainly items from Nick Monroe's Blogs that people MISTAKINGLY call "Documentaries". He talked to various people and got a bunch of BS and started stating it as "facts".

You have the ones like (I will leave him un-named) who reached out and contacted people who had NOTHING to do with the situation just to get more drama. I wont go on and on because this isn't about revenge, but these people know the truth and what they REALLY told Mike and the things they really talked to us about VS what they reported to the world. And being a REAL 'survivor' themselves, allegedly he probably should have done better.

Mike being a victim of Child Abuse himself prior to his adoption, is devastated that he ever ended up being viewed in this manner.

His story is heartbreaking. Mikes biological Mother (known as Debbie from here on out because she was NOT his Mom) had at least 7 kids that I am aware of. All of them I believe besides Mike and 1 sister have different Dads and she gave them all up asides from Mikes younger brother. Debbie didn't even know Mike's Mom, my Mother In law. The person that got his biological 'whole' sister was friends with Mike's Mom. Mike's Mom had suffered a stillbirth, and because of her past cancer treatments (she was in remission from leukemia) she didn't think she was going to be able to have any more. Her friend, the one that got Mike's sister said, "she still has a 2 year old boy". Mike's Mom went right over there, and that day she took Mike home in nothing but a diaper in the MIDDLE OF FEBRUARY. From that day on she fought for him. She provided for him. She TAUGHT him how to be a MAN ANY WOMAN CAN BE PROUD TO CALL HER,I AM! So Mike's so called "Step-Brother" whom spoke to Nick Monroe can say whatever lies he wants but Ms. Audrey MARTIN, Mike's MOM saved his life. She was tough on him with discipline but he needed it. I see conveniently that he could talk about my Mother In Law the way he did so negatively because she isn't here to defend herself. See him and I never met me in person, and the reason why is I DON'T WANT TO MEET HIM after all him and HIS FAMILY HAVE DONE TO MIKE they abandoned him when he needed them most. Since we are talking about private family matters and how my beloved Mother in Law was so "controlling" with money. Lets circle back to what happened when she passed away. They lost everything Mike's Step Dad allegedly had a gambling problem, and worked at the race track. He was supposed to be Mikes parent. He was supposed to make sure he was OK. He allowed him to drop out of school when he was at his most vulnerable. He just lost his Mother, his constant, his MAIN SUPPORT SYSTEM. We can also mention that when the life insurance came in the funeral bill didn't get paid because Mikes Step-Dad bought himself and the "Step- Brother" a new used car. She didn't even have a headstone until Mikes Grandfather bothered him over and over to get it taken care of. And to get the funeral bill paid Mikes Grandmother called Mikes Step Brothers Grandmother and she said, "oh no he will pay it, or I will out of his inheritance."

Why he even felt the need to put his nose in our business when the truth is THEY DIDN'T KNOW ME AT ALL, nor did they have any real contact with Mike since he moved to NC. They knew Mike when he was a 17 year old kid, not the 34 year old family man he was when all this happened. I will also note that Nick thought they were "such a great family" well they are split up and with other people now. From likely cheating, but they are so great.

So yes Nick if his "Biological Mother" whom has been dead since we started the YouTube wanted "Nothing to do with Mike" I am sure it was because she didn't want to answer for what SHE did to him before he was TWO, unless your saying he deserved everything that happened to him, as a toddler. For the record; he does have relationships with some of his biological siblings, and then there is others that are just in to the wrong things and Mike chooses NOT to have that near his family.

And The Ex- Wife, seriously? You had to chime in also. How about you tell the truth on why he married you to start with. You told him your ex was going to take your son because he lived with you and you guys weren't "Married". I see you also failed to mention that your tax return was garnished the first time you claimed Mike because of a "Social Security" overpayment guess who was receiving that money instead of it going to your household. That's right, BM's Mother was Mikes "Rep. Payee". Lets not ,forget the fact that when he left he didn't take the couch that his Grandmother bought, or his other TV because he put the TV in your Childs room because he didn't want it to be to much change for him because he loved him. You said you "fell in love with him because he was so needy" yet when he actually needed you to help him get his license, or find a job in an AREA HE KNEW NOTHING ABOUT. You didn't think that was the role of a wife to do. We can also note here, that I had to file you guys' divorce papers because "you didn't know how" when initially Mike said, you file them that we would send you the money. I just don't understand this. Why people thought it was ok to kick my husband while he was down I will never understand. He is the most caring person I have ever met.

My Ex and I we had a crazy past we got together at 15, married at 18 and Jake was born 2 weeks later. No one heard anything from him. YOU KNOW WHY? Because no matter what, he knew I would never hurt my kids. Oh I should mention thought that that family tried to contact him and wanted him to "join forces" and he was like no way, and told me all about it. Nick you did so much 'reporting' and you had NO IDEA what you were talking about. You said my divorce with him was "reopened" and implied so he could get custody. I re-opened that so he could GIVE MIKE LEGAL CUSTODY until we got back from Disney and we could eventually get a legal adoption done. Then I closed it and just filed for the legal adoption, IT WAS SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN after we returned from Disney. SADLY because of all this, it had to be postponed. Another thing TAKEN from Jake, Ryan, and Alex.

You can find the lies here and at this point thousands of other places I am sure;

Just google DaddyOFive and Rose Hall you'll find many more I am sure.

Some of the most repeated lies included...

  • Me stealing the kids

  • Forging document's

  • Altered text with some deleted

  • Mike not helping with the kids

  • Her 'losing' and the Judge siding with us (we never got seen by a Judge in the end)

  • Her being railroaded with the Attorney stuff

  • I kept Medication from them

  • We destroyed all their stuff, and the best one yet

  • Mike "Violating" the protection order in July when he signed the CONSENT ORDER in May knowing the kids weren't going to be with her.

  • Let's not forget that we beat them, forced them to make videos, and who knows what everyone came up with.

That whole family not only encouraged but they egged on the harassment and BULLYING of our family. It is the definition of SLANDER, LIBEL, DEFAMATION. Could we sue them with all this evidence? Yes probably, we have spoke to counsel about options. Are we going to? Most likely not because honestly WE DO NOT WANT TO HURT THE KIDS. The world does need to know what they did though, so maybe just maybe my sons can get on with their lives and we can help them rebuild what was WRONGFULLY TAKE FROM THEM.

Come to find out later even her most dedicated supporters, started to figure out on their own that the things she was saying wasn't adding up. She started attempting to play them against each other. Just think they haven't even experienced a fraction of what Mike and I have with them over the last 10 years.

I have reached out to the one person in all this from "her side" that I really felt like got in it for the good of the children and was more for the "kids side" and that was Chambers of My Heart. I truly believe she is a good person, who acted on emotion and the details he was "GIVEN".

She was able to look thru what R had given her, recount the events of 4 years ago and ask me any questions she wanted, and I gave her the truth.

Minus the "DSS Cina Stuff" that can't be talked about.

I have to keep saying this because AGAIN I know this FAMILY SO WELL. I know they are reading this, and will try and twist it someway, shape or form. They are OBSESSED with US, and with DRAMA. I was around and I am recanting MY EXPERIENCE, I am the one that gathered records and documents and HAD PERMISSION FROM BOTH PARTIES TO DO SO. LONG BEFORE YOUTUBE WAS EVER EVEN A THING.

So here is an example of what I mean about eh encouragement.

Her telling Joy to make a video about "How desperate we were".

YES she was absolutely right we were desperate.

  • We were desperate to STOP the SLANDER in order to try and rectify the situation so we could bring C and E back HOME with their BROTHERS.

  • We were desperate for them to not be with her someone whom abandoned them.

  • Desperate for them not to be victim of "reprogramming" and lies.

  • Desperate for them to know how much we loved them and just wanted to make it all STOP.

We couldn't say anything! We weren't allowed to say anything. EVERYONE KNEW THIS. Everyone said; we acted like they didn't exist. That is what we were forced to do, we were told to protect them that's what we had to do. So imagine how heartbreaking it was to see all the things that we then saw and we couldn't do nothing.

We we told by Mike consenting to that order, we could see them. That turned in to, "if they requested to see us". At that point they had a week of "Reprogramming" she told them we stole them, forced her to stay away and only LORD KNOWS WHAT ELSE SHE TOLD THEM WE DID and HOW HER NOT BEING IN THEIR LIVES WAS OUR FAULT. We never once blamed them, what child doesn't want their Mom, to be everything a Mom? She got them cell phones, she talked to them everyday when they were removed FROM HER.

We didn't have a chance, we never even got to speak to them ONE TIME since the night before for me, and the morning they left for school for Mike. I did mouth to C at court "It's ok, I understand and I love you" he looked down at his shoes.

You know Nick you sent this text to Joy that "Rose Played all of you" but where was that article retracting all the FALSE STATEMENTS THAT YOU PUT OUT ABOUT US. Not to mention all the tweets. And getting all the bigger YouTubers more involved.


Sure we made bad decisions, but the action did not warrant the CONSEQUENCES.

Here is the real story starting from how we got the kids to begin with

Mike and I got together in summer of 2011.

Mike had C. Once she knew I was in the picture she came and got him I guess because she was Jealous, she has said that in her words it is not my assumption. I was not trying to be his Mom but I did treat him just as I had expected at the time My Husband's (Legally Separated) new girlfriend to treat my boys. I was nothing but kind to her. The second I met her I couldn't be mean if I wanted to, I knew right off that she was "challenged". Before she left to take Cody home she said Mike could have the kids for Christmas that year and I told her that I would drive him down to get them, and bring them back home for her. When it got close to Christmas she started ignoring him, needless to say we never got to see th kids that Christmas instead Mike got court papers late February 2012 saying that "he was a risk to take them out of NC" and that "he of course abused or harassed her". Sigh. HE DID NOT DRIVE. So you tell me how he was supposed to remove them from NC without anyone knowing I have NO IDEA.

(1st & 2nd Court Date)

Anyway we drive 6hours and went to court only for her to not show up and call the court and tell them her 'fiancé' was in the hospital. Her Attorney got it postponed, only for us to drive all the way back the next time another 6 hours for her to sign a 'consent order' giving Mike all he wanted. "Joint Legal Custody" and Visitation that she couldn't break. Not to mention at this time I had my GULLBLADDER removed the day before court and I drove the 6 hours to take Mike so he could be there.

After court that day we went to the park so Mike could get a little time with the kids and I sat on the 'hard bench' for another hour or so with Rose while he played with them. I am not the "Evil Step-Mom" or the insecure new "girlfriend". I was 100% secure of my place in his heart, and why would I want a man that didn't want to be with his kids, I had one of those already I was in the process of LEAVING.

We got them for a really nice Easter visit.

Then we had an even more fun filled summer visit. I also want to note that when we took them home we sent them back with School Clothes, Shoes, and Supplies for the year. So here we were thinking that things were looking up.

We did have them for Christmas that year it was the first year we had all FIVE, our hearts were so FULL we even got Penny that year. We also decided to move back to the house that I had owned the very first house you saw in the DaddyOFive Videos Benson Ave.


In January 2013 we moved back to Benson Ave. I was in the middle of trying to get the Mortgage Company to Modify the Mortgage to remove the Co-Signer who was (not My Ex- Husband it was his friend) this looked promising at first, unfortunately in the end it was unsuccessful.

In May 2013 my divorce to the boys Biological Father was FINAL. In that the Judge told me that all our debt could be "split" but I was still liable to pay the whole amount if I didn't they would still put it on my credit. When we split up there was credit cards run up, utilities that he cut off while me and the boys still lived there. We live our own lives now, and I have no ill feelings to him. But back then from the time we split until Mike and I moved in together things were really hard. Single Mom of 3. Mortgage, car payment, debt. So anyway after the divorce and the news that I was basically stuck with all the debt knowing he wasn't going to pay it even if court ordered to. I had to file Bankruptcy. I was going to keep the house. I had a private appraisal done and the house was 25,000 UNDER VALUE and needed about another 25,000 in work so my Attorney advised I could do what I wanted but with all that information and the non-compliant co-signer. I should just include it and walk away. But they wouldn't "foreclose" even if it was "included" if we were "paying". So I included it. Then we just paid until we knew we were planning our move and then let them foreclose. So YES Mr. Nick Monroe in December 2013 I did in fact File a Chapter 13 REPAYMENT PLAN AFTER MY DIVORCE, and then the house was foreclosed. And YES I filed it under Heather Withrow- that was MY NAME. My only name, not as you implied I was somehow trying to cheat the system. Mike and I were not married. We got married in January of 2014, and once that happened I amended my documents with my new name and my marriage. As appropriate, not that this was any of anyone's business, or had anything to do with YouTube. I have always WORKED, even then. YouTube was MY KIDS. I supported our family, by WORKING just like every other person. Not by using my kids for money. I will say you are good at digging up things but deciphering the truth in them not so much. I have nothing to hide you should have just asked me I would have at least given you the truth to publish instead of all the lies and FALSE ACCUSATIONS. I wasn't aware that I should've expected Mike to not only take on MY THREE CHILDREN but thousands of dollars in debt that was not his too when we got married. I don't get it you even reported I amended them, did you not see when we got married? I don't have to list my 'boyfriend' on my petition and even so it was literally a month later when I gave my Attorney all the paperwork, if there was an error it was on them, not me SHAKING MY HEAD. Single Momma's out there reading this, don't ever let anyone make you feel bad for doing what you have to do for your family. Always make the best decision.

In Summer 2013; This was the summer that Rose told everyone that E got a "Concussion" while at our house. She didn't it was a LIE. They were playing in the yard and C hit her BY ACCIDENT with a little board. Me being an EMT and a MOM just wanted to take her to the ER to get checked out. I also being a Mom wanted to notify HER BIO MOM just so she knew what had happened and what was going on. This was a while before we had to take them home so I could have just said nothing. But instead I sent her the below pictures. She in turn not only called CPS on us (found perfectly fine) when they returned home she TOLD their regular pediatrician she got a CONCUSSION at our home. Here is the Hospital report from the visit. NO CONCUSSION, hematoma- Bruise/Lump. This visit I had to pay CASH FOR and still took her anyway because I just wanted to MAKE SURE SHE WAS OK!

Ju;y 25,2013 Cody Hit Emma w-Board NO CO
Download • 633KB

The visit went well other then that, but there was some strange things being said but kids are kids ya know, they say weird stuff sometimes.

Then the night before we were to return them home something happened that I will NOT TALK ABOUT. It was enough to make both Mike and I feel like we needed to get some more information. And NO we did not see C and Alex "letting the Dogs lick their penis" like she said, in someone's stream on the internet. What kind of CRAZY person would say a thing like that, SHE LITERALLY SAID ALOT OF THINGS that I would never say on the internet about my children. Even if that was true which IT WASN'T WHY THE H*LL WOULD YOU put that out there about your kid.

What happened is a private family matter. It wasn't serious enough to warrant doing anything drastic like emergency custody, without more investigation. It was serious enough though and Mike really just wanted to get to the bottom of it. So we sent a letter to the last known Dr. about the 'event' and copied CPS (Knowing she would somehow turn it on us she did twice already). Turns out I guess DSS in NC Never did anything because they show no record of investigating down there. HOW THEY COULD NEVER INVESTIGATE THIS I WILL NEVER KNOW.

Upon dropping them off so there was no secret and so we could get answers. I PULLED HER ASIDE and told her what had happened and ask her to get to the bottom of it, LIKE A RATIONAL HUMAN BEING. She told her parents we were yelling at her, she told the world something along those lines too. We have NEVER GOTTEN IN ONE SINGLE ARGUMENT WITH HER AROUND or in FRONT OF THE CHILDREN. We have never spoken ill about her in front of the children, unlike her whom even had some of their doctors writing things like "GOT TO TELL MOM WHAT IS AND ISN'T APPROPRIATE TO TALK ABOUT IN FRONT OF" them.

When we followed up with her she said, "It was her Ex's fault" this was on the phone. Just so happens her and him just broke up and I called the police department near where they used to live and she filed a report that he was "harassing" her and "abusing" her over some belongings. Typical, of her so I assumed this was her way of trying to get back at him for whatever he did to make her mad.

Just like we knew CPS came knocking again. This time also making even more accusations, blaming one of MY BOYS FOR SOMETHING ELSE (again this was dropped no need for services).

At that point Mike decided that we needed to figure out HOW we were going to get to the bottom of everything, so he decided we were skipping the next visit to protect the OTHER KIDS from the DRAMA and LIES of THAT FAMILY.

Once they were living with us full time that sketchy behavior was NEVER exhibited again in our home, it was talked about in therapy but we never had any other concern.

However, I did hear from the grape vine that FIVE MONTHS after they were no longer in our home another incident happened at school related to the same type of scenario. Which makes me so sad and depressed.

You tell me HOW that could be blamed on US when they were not in our home for FIVE MONTHS. Didn't anyone think HMMMMM. This happened, then with the Martin's it was ok, then they see her even for "visits" and this weirdness happens again. I think when people go in certain careers some of them have the requirement of having NO COMMON SENSE, or LOGIC.

Everyone was so out to HATE US for some FAKE VIDEOS, some TERRIBLE FAKE VIDEOS no one wanted to get to know the real truth. And its not like we could tell our truth we were completely SHUT UP.

Mike and I got married in January 2014

Then in July of 2014 while we were attending a function at our Church. She contacted me asking me to call her it was about C.

Of course I did. She asked if we could take him "because she couldn't handle him". She then tried to back track which made Mike really scared like what in the world is going on with my kids. So she did call back and say "I do want you to take him." I told Mike that we of course could get him but we needed something in writing from HER because of the PAST accusation of him going to TAKE THEM OUT OF STATE.

July 24,2014 we went to NC we picked up E and took her to our hotel to spend some time with her since we hadn't seen her. She was so cute, I will never forget we had a Jacuzzi tub in our room her and I put on swim suits and pretended it was our own personal pool. It was also July so we took her shopping for School Clothes, Shoes, and Supplies. We also wanted to give C some one on one time with his Mom before we left.

July 25,2014 we went to a NOTARY together and she signed the letter she told everyone I forged. ALL THE COURT DOCUMENTS HAVE ALREADY BEEN LEAKED. The Chambers of my Heart on YouTube already had them from HER she just needed help putting them in order. And of course there were a couple missing but they are PUBLIC INFORMATION anyone can get court records from the courthouse. Unless they are protected like the DSS/Cina stuff. If you want to verify all I am saying go check out her YouTube and the drive she made that contains the documents.


After both her and Mike signed the letter WE ALL WENT TO Chuck E Cheese the kids and Mike played and I talked to her about C. I explained to her that she would need to change the custody document's in order for us to get him in school and stuff because just the letter wouldn't be good enough long term. The letter was just so we could take him out of state on our NON Visitation Time, so she couldn't come back and accuse Mike of kidnapping.

I also talked to her about if she needed anything regarding Emma all she had to do was call. We all ate there together giving the kids as much time as possible. We never left her, and "she took the kids to eat". She also said, "it was raining and she wanted us to get on the road." Here is a chart of the weather that day for where we were. In Raleigh which is WAKE county from the Notary it was not raining. The lies have always been the BIGGEST ISSUE. We never knew what we could believe regarding the kids.

She I guess she had fired her Attorney, I really don't know what happened with that but I know he wasn't working with her anymore.

So I wrote up new consent order using the old one just adding the C changes and sent the package down to her because she had to take it to a NOTARY in her STATE and get it notarized with Mikes notarization form he got done in MD. Then it had to be mailed to the court for it to be signed by the Judge- OUT OF COURT.

We actually had to do this process twice because the first time it was sent to court IDK remember what we did, but we did something wrong. So she had to them go back to another notary and sign it all over again. That is alot of signing and different notaries, for someone that says I forged it all. So nick that piece of paper you said was loosely written was NOT THE ORDER. Go check out the actual document's. There was an actual order filed in September 2014 modifying Sole Custody over C to Mike, also giving me full permission from BOTH parties to do any and ALL things regarding the children.

Later we would find out that in May 2014 two months prior she was telling C's Doctor she was "afraid Mike was going to take him", and "how scared he was of that happening". So was Mike being used as a punishment? A side note in the same report I seen that she was told about what was appropriate and not appropriate to say in front of him.

After moving to MD with us C Excelled almost immediately. We were so proud of him. School assessments called him an "unrecognizable child" from NC reports. He was HAPPY and well on the way to HEALTHY.

C started therapy in October 2014 & he REMAINED in THERAPY the ENTIRE TIME HE WAS IN OUR CARE. His therapist all knew about the YouTube, about the videos and about how he felt about them.

She told people that "once we got C we didn't let her see him" but in another interview/video she admitted to seeing him because he had his "gizmo band". The truth is we made it through Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years visitations that year ok she saw him, we saw E.

E was starting to say she wanted to live with us, and we did tell her she had to talk to her Mom about it if that's what she wanted. We never pushed her to want to live with us, all we have ever wanted for either of them was their happiness and if that is living with her, BEING SAFE, and just visiting us we would miss them sure. Mike being SO CLOSE TO HIM MOM GROWING UP completely understood. Me having THREE biological children of my own also completely understood.

Easter that year was supposed to be ours, but she had something come up and it would have been a short visit so we said ok, trying to be understanding. Sometimes stuff does come up.

She started texting me May 13, 2015 talking about us not letting her see or talk to C. The fact of the matter is she could have come to Maryland any month and had him for a weekend. She never did. In her mind us not taking him to NC to see her was us keeping him from her. We never once denied her seeing him. Questioned her stableness near the end maybe but never denied her not one visit.

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On May 23,2015 she told us she had CANCER AND WAS DYING this was after Mike had questioned her because when we spoke to E last she sounded upset like she had to rush off the phone.

6- b
. May 23,2015 Text Messages Rose say
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So then I guess because Mike was questioning her she called the cops on him to get a report and said he was "harassing" her a report that she later gave "Nick Monroe" to spread lies in his blog. She left out so many messages in the ones that she gave to him, only providing the ones that would most make me look bad and her like a victim. Did I lose it on her, I am sure I did. You can only handle so much of someone lying time after time after time and then getting mad when you don't buy their lies.

6- c
. May 23,2015 Police Record Rose Cal
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Next thing you know MIKE gets COURT PAPERS AGAIN.

Which was Rose taking MIKE back to court again for E. Saying that he verbally abused her called her names. BUT IN THE SAME document she signs yet again that C's best interest is to stay in MD with us. So of course at that point Mike is like WTH is going on.

Not to mention she moved 4x that first year we had C. One time it was with her "fiancés" Ex-Wife and their 2 kids, another was with Alleged "Drug Dealers" that she "turned in". E switched schools 4x the first year we had C. So Mike responded with his answer to HER motion, and a counter claim, this is the first time he ever asked for custody of E. He also said VISITATION FOR HER to promote the children's well being to stop the claims that he was out to "keep them from her". We never wanted to push her out of their lives.

We also found this online. Roses Mother started a GoFund me stating claims like "it was such a shock". Mike was taking them to court. How was it a shock, and Mike the one "up to no good" when her daughter is the one that filed the claim on Mike?

So we went to court twice and weren't heard because of timing. ALL THAT TRAVEL. This would have been the 3rd time the "case would be seen".

Meanwhile She was supposed to get Cfor her summer visit. She didn't. Never called, nothing.

We tried to arrange our visit with E to include her in our family vacation even saying we would pick her up and drop her off all the way since we were going to Mrytle beach. This visit was denied and she again CALLED THE COPS ON US.

In preparation for court I started doing some digging. She said "we went over to her house to get some of the kids toys and stole a box of personal files" that is how I had access to the information about her birth injury. Why would I number one drive 6+ hours for some toys, and number 2 she wouldn't notice me taking a box of papers if that were true? I can't believe people actually listened to this nonsense but they did.

The truth is I contacted the records department in MD and paid for an entire copy of the file. It is a PUBLIC RECORD. Here is the email from when I got it. I am not including the actual file even though I could because again it is a PUBLIC RECORD but it is not about that. I am trying to do this as tasteful, and mature as I can. I know one day, when they are grown up our kids will read this. In this document it says that "She won't be able to take care of herself, or have a family, or raise kids." It doesn't mean that she is physically incapable, it means mentally incapable which is how her parents won the suit which got her the annuity. This is a public record. But I won't share the whole thing for her PRIVACY just the email showing HOW I GOT THE INFORMATION.

6- f
. June 30,2015 Rose Hall Birth Injur
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In August 2015 Mike filed a Motion for Show Cause and Contempt about the summer visit and other missed visits.

Again E sounded upset when we talked to her so Mike was trying to figure out what was going on. This was when Rose was in between houses.

SHE asked me to lie for her and say she lived at our house so she could get money from her annuity without her Mother knowing so she could get a place for her and Emma. I tried to help her find places down there and everything. The story she tells about me changing her "beneficiary" to just C and E. What WHY, HOW would that even benefit me? Sounds like the other people she "allegedly" was to have listed found out they weren't listed and she needed to blame someone as to why, so that became me.

Sound familiar JOY? Anyone want to chime in here? The blame always has to be shifted.

We went to court sometime in August and that's when we had enough nd got an Attorney. after talking to only TWO other ones in the area. NOT EVERY SINGLE ONE. I DID TEXT HER THE 2 names so she wouldn't go to the same ones.

9- b
. Rose telling MIke NOT TO TEXT HER

Then came a WHOLE series of back and forth text. She was so kind to give these to YouTubers and to Nick Monroe but only after taking out the parts she didn't want them to see to make me and Mike look like we were the bad guys. (Some may be listed above but here they all are).

Sept- Oct Text
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Oct-Nov Text
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So finally we make it to court for the Motion SHE FILED IN JUNE 2015 everyone talks about this "heated custody battle" like Mike was literally fighting her for years. Look at the documents MIKE WAS LITERALLY JUST DEFENDING HIMSELF UNTIL THE END.

In the meantime she has denied all our visits of E and stopped talking to C completely. We get there and she isn't there but her parents are. She faxed a paper in to court saying that she couldn't come because she had "3 grape fruit sized tumors removed and needed to finish chemo and radiation" her parents also stated she needed "time to find an Attorney". they never notified our Attorney, or us so we could NOT waste our time or gas.

10- b, October 13,2015 Lies to COURT ABO
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I texted her on 11-18-21 telling her AGAIN which 2 Attorneys we had contacted so she didn't contact them. She hired one of them and then tells everyone I called every Attorney around so I could get him thrown off her case. You see the text above. I told her the TWO I called.

We legit filed a letter with the grievance committee about that Attorneys conduct in our meeting it had nothing to do with "railroading" anyone with why he wasn't hired.

11- e
. November 17,2015 Letter to NC Gre
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As you see from the above text Rose brought E to us for Thanksgiving because she wanted to go to NYC with her boyfriend and we were on the way. We were so happy because we hadn't got to see her in so long.

Sadly, it was during this visit we learned so many things. E not only reported these things to us (recorded) which I will not share that video but other people do have copies and I cannot control what they do with it. They did not get it from me. She also reported it to a police officer, which is a report Chambers shared recently. The story now is "we told her to say all that".

Please tell me what we got from doing that? Not that we didn't want E. Full Time, but honestly what reason would we really have to do that? Not to mention, she tells multiple people the same things. R herself, her father, her sister, all of them have literally proved most of it true with their actions on the internet in their own words, interviews, or pictures. Everything she claimed we accused her of that "she don't do." There has been some new evidence to the contrary. I am not going to list all the things the kids been thru BEFORE MOVING TO MD but I will tell you this.

They were very damaged children. They had a normal happy FUN LVONG STABLE life with us. SURE we made some TERRIBLE DECISSIONS that made us look like we could be 'bad people'. The reality is though, WE ARE NOT. And we did not do anything that we ever even thought could be damaging them in anyway. NOT FOR ONE SECOND.

When we went back to court and E had told Rose she wanted to come live with us. E told us she was mad at her when they went home and said "You got on the wrong side". What does that even mean?

After another missed weekend visit where we drove ALL the way to NC this is when we had our Attorney file another Contempt Order, as well as for the Emergency Custody of E.

We went back for the 10 day court date but wasn't able to be seen because of time. So they rescheduled us.

Before the next court date HER Attorney emailed our Attorney saying that Rose was giving Mike SOLE PERMINANT CUSTODY OF BOTH KIDS and she did not want NO CONTACT, NO VISITATION we were only to call her if they were really sick. The only thing she wanted Mike to agree to was to "Let her claim Emma on her 2015 tax return". OF COURSE Mike agreed!

12-February 2016 Court Document LAST Ord
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Mike also NEVER took her for Child Support, Nor did he receive anything from her the entire time we had C, or for both when we had both. No birthday cards, nothing. One year for C's birthday she kept saying she was sending him a "Card" with "something" in it (this was prior to this order) and it never came. Well I got tired of seeing C upset so I got a card wrote Love, Mom and put a gift card in it. He assumed, "it came". I never in a million years would have said the things I was accused of by her to hurt those kids. I didn't tell them the truth about her abandoning them, if I had maybe they wouldn't have been so easily "reprogrammed". We did say let's not talk about NC, not to hurt them but because every time they did they got sad and went back over in their head things that happened there.

After we got E she joined Cody in Therapy by the time we moved to Frederick she was no longer being treated for one of the original diagnosis because she was doing so well. I am not R as a MOTHER I can't put all their stuff out there for the world. I am only even doing this because SHE SHE SO MUCH STUFF OUT THAT WAS LIES I HAVE TO COUNTERACT IT FOR MY OTHER KIDS.

I am the one that handled ALL OF THEIR CARE. And the craziest thing the school was praising me about how much E loved me, how much good I was doing for BOTH kids, and how happy they both were to be with Mike and I. Until they found out we were "DaddyOFive" and then they treated us like criminals like none of that ever happened.

Anyway back to...

June of 2016 is when they finally convinced me to let them make "DaddyOFive" the YouTube Channel. After showing me KBC, Angry Grandpa. McJuggernuggets and then telling me all their ideas. They were ALL SO EXCITED.

The video's weren't real. They were Scripted, Improved, Start real then exaggerated, or just normal family stuff. Unless you watched ALL THE VIDES IN THEIR ENTIRETY it was easy to get the wrong impression. The kids just wanted to be FAMOUS on the internet like every other kid in America and THEY SUCEEDED! The joy it brought ALL of them. I never used "YouTube" as a means to take care of my family. I WORKED. Sure did it help their lifestyle yes. But that money was for them to live their best lives. We wanted college funds. Life funds. We wanted them to not have to struggle to get started in their adult lives. OUR LIFE WAS ALL ABOUT THEM.

December 2016 after moving to Frederick County we were investigated by DSS they cited the "Slap Video" "The bookcase video" basically ALL THE VIDEOS USED IN PHIL DEFRANCOS FIRST VIDEO with the exception of "Ink Prank" and the videos filmed at the previous house AND up until that point. It was determined that they were "distasteful" but not abuse. And they talked to all the kids, and we toned down everything.

The kids had the best Christmas Ever that year. It will be a memory I cherish forever....material things are not everything but to be able to not only give our kids the Christmas they have always deserved but to help other families it was the best year of our lives.

Before Disney we made a week's worth of videos in a couple days. 2/3 others the SAME NIGHT AS THE INK PRANK. The Watch Yo Mouth video was made right after the "Ink Prank" Cody and Alex were perfectly fine and we were all happy and having fun. NO ONE WAS TRAUMATIZED.

April 2017 We left for Disney leaving Cody home which in hindsight was literally one of the biggest regrets of my life. Had I of known then what I know now. He would have went NO MATTER WHAT I HAD TO DO to ensure his safety. He was supposed to go in May with just Mike and I and to the YouTube convention that never came for him. I can't take that back, and he was so robbed of that it breaks my heart. I still have his ticket, its expired but IDK I guess I punish myself with it sometimes. I wasn't even able to personally tell him I was sorry for that.

On our way home from this vacation is when we saw DeFranco's Video.

We kept as much as we could from the kids. We consulted other Youtubers who told us to "flip it". It was terrible advice.

Then we talked to other YouTuber's that were going to try and "help us" I will also leave un-named but they were such TWO FACED idiot's in the end.

We could have aired text counteracting what they "said" they told Mike VS. the reality of what was said between them but that person can look at all that comes out and realize that they had a part in it all.

I will say this Keemstar was the most real, however he knows how to play the game and when the ship gets so full of water, he surely wasn't going to go down with it. Can't say I blame him there.

Then the video came with R and her sister and it just spiraled out of control from there.

What could have been explained, PROVED, and FIXED now became UNMANAGABLE.

The kids all talked to DSS and to the COPS and NONE OF THEM WERE REMOVED or thought to be in imminent danger.

We consented to all FIVE CHILDREN having a "Mental Evaluation. The Baltimore Sun Reported, "The three other kid's- Heather Martin's biological children and Michael Martin's Step Children- were not part of the investigation" that was FALSE THEY WERE. What they should have said was the other three Children were deemed UNAFFECTED BY THE MAKING OF THE YOUTUBE VIDEOS.

Jake, Ryan and Alex's Mental Evaluation's, even with Alex being the YOUNGEST came out clean.

They did not have the history, that C and E had and they weren't "reprogrammed" before and during when their evaluation took place to think that their parents have been KEEPING their other parent away and allowing no contact.

If the new story that was being told AFTER they were with HER was actually believed why wasn't the other three removed to see if their story would change also, once they were "safe".

Her Attorney, had the Judge in our Criminal case ADD in that we couldn't contact R, E, or C unless court said we could even though they weren't with her.

That gave us NO CHANCE of mending anything, and figure out how to fix it.

The Sun also reported that the DA for Frederick County said, "When we began the investigation, I don't think anyone was certain there was criminal [activity]," "but the psychological reports made the state pursue the neglect charges." "I think everyone's interest are served, both the Martin's as defendants and the state's interest in protecting the children," she said. "I think it was a fair result for everyone".

Let's talk about that THEY WATCHED ALL THE VIDEO'S ALL OF THEM IN THEIR ENTIRETY and did not find ABUSE or "Criminal Activity". But the world saw some clips of the worst parts smashed together and determined we should be in jail forever. We should also note, that had we of not accepted the "Alford Plea" for the Neglect charges what would have happened was a LONG DRUG OUT FULL MEDIA TRIAL. Our family, our kids would have went on being drug thru the mud, C and E would have been submitted for MORE EVALUATIONS and MORE OF THEIR PAST DUG UP AND PUT IN THEIR FACES. We did not want to put them, or any of the kids through that. And at the end of the day, we made the MISTAKES and we wanted to do whatever was easiest on the kids. So that is what we did, and we do not regret it.

When R went and filed for Emergency Custody she used only the video clips NOT the document where she abandoned them, would the Judge had given them to her if she had given them that, LIKELY NOT or I would hope not.

That was literally the worst day of our lives. I promised them they would never have to go back to NC. That I would protect them forever and MY STUPIDITY had them now in this situation. Again I live with that forever and hope and pray that it has all changed and it is now all they could have dreamed it would be, being back with their Mom. They are there because that is what they wanted, we will not force them to do anything we never have.

Mike NEVER cussed out no cops, Mike never denied giving them stuff. None of that was true. When the Cops called to get stuff from our house, we were at the COURT HOUSE TRYING TO STOP ROSES ORDER. My phone lost service and the cop called from a blocked number. Our Attorney told, the Judge, DSS, and Roses Attorney that the kids needed their Medication. NO ONE TOLD HER HOW TO GET IT TO THEM. When they finally did get it, they got it from Mike who only knew where the weekly boxes where not the bottles as I WAS THE ONE THAT SET THAT ALL UP FOR THEM. I literally gave them a MANUAL ABOUT CODY AND EMMA. Their history, likes, dislikes, doctors, medications, side affects, foods they liked/didn't like the way I was painted as the evil Step-Mom with-holding information was ridiculous.

Letter about Medications and Belongs fro
Download • 299KB

When we went back for the EMERGENCY HEARING we paid their therapist, our Therapist/Family therapist to testify as experts. At that point they got the kids their own Lawyer and that Lawyer said the "Kids" didn't want them too. So they really couldn't share much. R said on the stand that she was "REPROGRAMING" them. Which even made the Judge say HMMM. C & E went for their Evaluation while in R's care during this "Reprogramming" phase. Without sharing all the in's and out details.....

Court ended in MIKE CONSENTING TO THE PROTECTION ORDER to give DSS and the COPS more time to investigate because after being with her for a week or however long E drastically changed her story about us, C only slightly at first as time went by it kept changing.

So Mike wanted to give them time to sort it out. He was promised he could see them.

The Judge declared that he didn't feel confident the kids were safe in HER CARE SO THEY WERE REMOVED FROM HER. They were never legally removed from Mike, only for the Emergency order that was obtained without ALL THE PERTINANT INFORMATION.

Turns out they made it so we could only see the kids "if they asked to see us".

They especially C probably didn't know he could even ask to see us. Even if they did know, they probably thought they would be in trouble for lying, or wanting to go back with her because they had gotten in trouble with her for wanting to be with us.

Then in July SHE filed a "Violation of Exparte" on Mike for more media coverage this was completely false.


Two why would Mike "Email" her on July 2nd when in May he CONSENTED TO THE ORDER KNOWING THEY WOULDN'T BE IN HER CARE?

She not only didn't show up to this and it was Nolle Proseque. But it was then dismissed, and she told everyone "she wasn't there and didn't know how it was dismissed" when the truth is they just wanted it "dismissed" because the "gag" order was allegedly linked to this order.

They made a video on his YouTube that same night saying she could talk. We the entire time KEPT QUIET.

We remained quiet even tried to get all these videos down..... no luck even by her Attorney.

17- January 9,2019 Letters to YouTube an
Download • 192KB

Back to the Criminal Charge

Yes we did "Alford" Plea "Guilty" to "Neglect of a Minor".

Alford Plea means we maintain our innocence.

Honestly, we just wanted EVERYTHING to stop for our kids and this was the FASTEST, EASIEST WAY to make that happen. A way to MOVE ON.

Even after we got our case Modified to the "PBJ" and it was no longer a "Charge" they couldn't leave us alone. She was writing to court telling them about FamilyOfive and the Video's on this website that had NOTHING TO DO WITH HER OR C OR E. The court got tired of hearing it really, so they changed it from no videos of C and E to no videos AT ALL or we couldn't get our expungement.

So here Jake, Ryan, and Alex were AGAIN losing something else. THIS TIME LITERALLY IT HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH C OR E. So after they took any small income Mike did have then they wanted Child Support.

LET IT BE KNOWN: They do receive MONETARY SUPPORT, even though we still can't see or talk to them so if you are told otherwise its a lie.

Do you really think even if they did ask to see or talk to us we would ever know? I DON'T.

Now here I am 4 years later. Everything EXPUNGED just trying to help my children rebuild what they lost because of my mistakes, but more so because of someone else's SLANDER AND DEFAMATION to MANIPULATE THE PUBLIC.

FamilyOFive was NOT DADDYOFIVE this Website was NOT DaddyOFive The Martin Boys is NOT DaddyOFive.

Let's give my boys back what they lost, let's build The Martin Boys up to it's highest potential. We will allow him to make Family Videos, you guys get him the support, we will get you the content. :-)

And thank you to the LOYAL, LOVING. DEDICATED FAMILY we have built over the years. It still amazes me everyday the amount of people that have so much love for my family. IDK what we would do without ALL of you.

Update 6/8/21:

YES- NASTY RUDE IGNORANT COMMENTS WILL BE DELETED YOU ALL HAVE HAD YOUR TIME TO DEGRADE AND BELITTLE OUR FAMILY WITH LIES. IDC WHAT PROOF YOU THINK YOU COULD HAVE NOTHING YOU CAN COME UP WITH NOW CAN JUSTIFY WHAT WAS DONE. At least my Husband and I did whatever we could for the KIDS to accept our BAD CHOICES. I will never sit here and say that wither of us abused anyone WE DIDN'T and as for the "behind closed doors" what? People who actually know us in real life can speak on that.

Sure I would believe our poor kids have said awful things about us to Dr.'s to other people. They have been reprogramed, brainwashed to think ill of us and in an environment with people who CLEARLY HAVE NO PROBLEM LYING to MANIUPLATE to destroying us.

I mean look at FamilyOFive had NOTHING TO DO WITH C or E yet this family still had to keep notifying court acting like we were doing something wrong. They are just miserable people who cant stand to see Mike happy and NO I do NOT mean with just me. I mean HAPPY in anyway.

Every "Ex" of that family has been accused of "something" or another I can't speak on whether things are true or not but when does it become evident where the problem really is?

This post was not to go back and forth. The lies weren't put out there by me, all I did was FACT CHECK.

UPDATE 6/15/21

So a couple of things have been brought to my attention.

First, Mike and I never shared the personal things the other side did EVEN WHEN WE DID HAVE THE CHANCE. When the first video with these lies came out we could have came out and put all the business out there. We chose NOT TO TO PROTECT THE KIDS. So no the 'shutting us up' had nothing to do with telling ALL the UGLY FACTS OF THE KIDS PAST PUBLICLY.

Second, We did not tell them bad things about R that she had to "Reprogram" them from. SHE CHOSE TO LEAVE THEM AND NOT BE IN THEIR LIFE. I always told them she just couldn't be a Mom right them, that maybe one day she could. When C went back to school after spending the weekend with her HE WANTED TO STILL COME HOME BUT CONTINUE SEEING HER, and "didn't know why people had to lie". She told those kids the same lies she told everyone else. We kept her FROM THEM when in no order MIKE EVER FILED DID HE REQUEST HER NOT SEE OR COMMUNICATE WIOTH THEM.

Third, big question "If she was so bad why didn't we fight?" WE DID, we spent SO MUCH MONEY on FIGHTING we were put in a predicament where we had to buy the trailer which was only 3 bedrooms and NOT BIG ENOUGH FOR ALL OF US which put us in a place where we were no longer in a position to keep fighting. Imagine how much DEFENDING FALSE CRIMINAL CHARGES LIKE A VIOLATION OF EXPARTE COST. We still had three kids to take care of, NO WHERE wanted to rent to us and we couldn't afford a regular house at the time. With C&E wanting to go back with her because of the "reprogramming" and the fact that ALL kids want their MOMS, we heartbreakingly decided that if she could work the system and prove she was FIT WE WOULD NOT WORK WITH THE SYSTEM TO KEEP THEM FROM HER. We would rather them be with their Mother then facing Lord knows what in Foster Care LONG TERM. I mean different homes, separation, REAL ABUSE. No at least with her we do know she loves them, and maybe that love has pulled through the past she could have changed I can't speak on the NOW. And like I said having to go thru the hoops of the court and system we hoped that would be a wake up call for her.

I am not going to respond to stupid comments. The fact is people only know what they have been told, or they presume from our bad choices. Again bad choices as a parent DOESNT MEAN child abuser.

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Jun 04, 2021

Wait so Cody and Emma had the chance to come and see you guys but they said no? That's strange, they've probably been been brainwashed by Rose..

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