The TRUTH and the LIES of Daddy O Five, How "Nick Monroe's BLOGS were completely FALSE"

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Jake wanted to put this in a video and honestly I didn't want it to become this whole big "series" of look "they are trying to make money on the kids and what happened". So I decided here was best.

For the record let it be know that my husband Mike Martin is 100% against me doing this, but I am my own woman. I am the one that was there to witness all of this firsthand from 2011 until 2017. I have promised him not to share the items after the Exparte because they are personal to the kids, and protected and people would say "He allowed me too" even though anyone that knows me at all knows I am not type to be told what I can and cannot do. I will say this our system, is severely broken and I do hope that one day I can use our story to become an advocate for children all over the world.

The first thing I need to say is we are so sorry that we every portrayed ourselves the way we did. We truly thought we were putting on an innocent show and having fun with our kids. We never in a million years thought it would ever escalate to the level that it did. Certainly not to the point of people thinking we were "child abusers". We are sorry to our KIDS, for not doing better. For NOT realizing the turmoil that this could cause. We are sorry that things that we promised would never happen did because of our bad decisions. We have to live with that the rest of our lives, which is more punishment than any mean comment or tweet you can ever leave. We are sorry that C never got to go to Disney. If we had known we wouldn't have him the next month to go alone with just Mike and I, he WOULD HAVE WENT NMW we had to do to ensure his safety.

One thing though I wont do is apologize to "The Internet" I see so many comment "We don't forget" "We don't forgive you". If someone could please explain that logic to me, I am being dead serious. You see "The Internet" is part of the problem, it gives people who don't actually know you, the audacity to think that they have a claim to your life. That they somehow know more about you then someone that has been in your life for 10 years, or your own family. It also gives the people the ignorance, to CREATE problems for people that aren't there just because enough people ban together.

Next I want to say this is NOT an attempt to make anyone want to go attack the other side of this story. I honestly with my whole heart hope and pray that they are different and everything has changed from the past for the sake of the kids.

The truth is IDK whether things have, or haven't and I am not going to stipulate on the NOW. That is something I do not have facts for. I am not like them, I will not make up things just because I can to intentionally cause other people harm. I will just say how it truly was BACK THEN and everything until the disaster of 2017.

I also have to say that NOTHING I am going to share has a thing to do with anything that happened with court and DSS after Mike CONSENTED to the Protection order and they were removed from ROSE. That information is protected and even if it wasn't we wouldn't share it anyway.

The information I am sharing is PUBLIC information LONG PRIOR TO YOUTUBE that people already have bits and pieces of because she gave them all the pieces that would "suit her" and made up excuses for the things that didn't.

This is strictly FACTS to counteract all the LIES that her and her family spread against me, my husband, my entire family in general. While trying to make herself look like a victim.

She played the entire world for FOOLS. She used our bad judgement, and mistake's to her advantage to cover up her past and manipulate everyone in to thinking she was a savior and we were even worse then we had made ourselves look. They controlled the narrative, and with the assistance of YouTuber's picking up the story, Independent bloggers, then eventually mainstream media. They took so much from our family and just kept trying to take MORE.

It wasn't enough that she got the "Emergency Order" by withholding pertinent information about herself, and then "Reprogramed" them to think we were monsters that forced her to stay away. After that week they completely changed and wanted to return to her and their previous home in NC. I recently saw someone comment "Stockholm's Syndrome" on one of the unaired footage videos of us talking to them all. They were referring to Mike and I, and the kids. If you really knew the kids though and their past one may really think maybe in that WEEK of being with someone they hadn't seen in years, someone that abandoned them, someone who had a history of not being able to care for them. Maybe just maybe they really did develop that but not with US. Again, I won't say because I DONT KNOW. I am just tired of being blamed for damage I know I did not cause.

I know that I am NOT a perfect parent I don't claim to be we made some very bad decisions that have cost us more then anyone could even grasp. Unfortunately, we had NO CHANCE to prove that we were not the Monsters the world had seen us as. We were regular parents. We did homework with our kids, Dr. Appts., took them on trips, made SO MANY beautiful MEMORIES have been made.

We could have STOPPED the non-sense in 2017 but once that Family became involved everything instantly became a smear campaign, there was no truth in what was being said. It was what else can we put out for publicity, for the sad story, for the GoFund me train. This wasn't the first attempt they had made at a GoFund me with lies. Only this time, they had the public name we had made for ourselves working in their favor.

Instead of putting the kids REAL business out there, we chose to protect them and just SHUT up and take the abuse from her and her follower's even though we could have easily discredited everything that was being said. In doing that though I see now what t did to our other THREE children. So much has been taken from them, they have been through so much constantly feeling like they have to scream the truth from the roof tops but no one wants to listen because there was SO MUCH out there. So much that just is NOT TRUE. The only thing we are guilty of is making bad choices of what was and wasn't ok to put on the internet. WE DID NOT ABUSE OUR KIDS.

At the time we were so hurt, and scared but looking through we did understand HOW people could have come to the impression they did. IF YOU ONLY SAW THE CLIPS, and didn't watch all our videos start to finish it could be made to look awful. -and there is no denying that it was definitely made to look awful. There is also no denying that if we wouldn't have made the choices and decisions we made there wouldn't have been a chance for people to make it awful.

Knowing that, we were so ashamed because we are the people EVERYONE trusted their kids with, we had a good balance of love, fun, and discipline. We even coached T-ball, it was one of our most rewarding times. To know that we are forever stained now as "those people" to people meeting us for the first time has been hard. Although I will say most wouldn't guess we are "DaddyOFive the Internet Pranksters" unless we tell them, but for us it feels like it's written on our foreheads especially for Mike.

We don't hold grudges to the ones that HELPED with the slander and defamation campaign. They themselves were also victimized by the very people they were trying to help. They didn't know. How could they? I am disappointed though that NO ONE reached out with the actual intent of getting the truth. Everyone just wanted in on the "Drama". For people allegedly so concerned over the "wellbeing" of innocent Children, where they really?

I can tell you the AFTERMATH have been FAR MORE DETRIMENTAL then any video we ever made to ALL of us.

Before I get in to the real story I am going to address a few things first, mainly items from Nick Monroe's Blogs that people MISTAKINGLY call "Documentaries". He talked to various people and got a bunch of BS and started stating it as "facts".

You have the ones like (I will leave him un-named) who reached out and contacted people who had NOTHING to do with the situation just to get more drama. I wont go on and on because this isn't about revenge, but these people know the truth and what they REALLY told Mike and the things they really talked to us about VS what they reported to the world. And being a REAL 'survivor' themselves, allegedly he probably should have done better.

Mike being a victim of Child Abuse himself prior to his adoption, is devastated that he ever ended up being viewed in this manner.

His story is heartbreaking. Mikes biological Mother (known as Debbie from here on out because she was NOT his Mom) had at least 7 kids that I am aware of. All of them I believe besides Mike and 1 sister have different Dads and she gave them all up asides from Mikes younger brother. Debbie didn't even know Mike's Mom, my Mother In law. The person that got his biological 'whole' sister was friends with Mike's Mom. Mike's Mom had suffered a stillbirth, and because of her past cancer treatments (she was in remission from leukemia) she didn't think she was going to be able to have any more. Her friend, the one that got Mike's sister said, "she still has a 2 year old boy". Mike's Mom went right over there, and that day she took Mike home in nothing but a diaper in the MIDDLE OF FEBRUARY. From that day on she fought for him. She provided for him. She TAUGHT him how to be a MAN ANY WOMAN CAN BE PROUD TO CALL HER,I AM! So Mike's so called "Step-Brother" whom spoke to Nick Monroe can say whatever lies he wants but Ms. Audrey MARTIN, Mike's MOM saved his life. She was tough on him with discipline but he needed it. I see conveniently that he could talk about my Mother In Law the way he did so negatively because she isn't here to defend herself. See him and I never met me in person, and the reason why is I DON'T WANT TO MEET HIM after all him and HIS FAMILY HAVE DONE TO MIKE they abandoned him when he needed them most. Since we are talking about private family matters and how my beloved Mother in Law was so "controlling" with money. Lets circle back to what happened when she passed away. They lost everything Mike's Step Dad allegedly had a gambling problem, and worked at the race track. He was supposed to be Mikes parent. He was supposed to make sure he was OK. He allowed him to drop out of school when he was at his most vulnerable. He just lost his Mother, his constant, his MAIN SUPPORT SYSTEM. We can also mention that when the life insurance came in the funeral bill didn't get paid because Mikes Step-Dad bought himself and the "Step- Brother" a new used car. She didn't even have a headstone until Mikes Grandfather bothered him over and over to get it taken care of. And to get the funeral bill paid Mikes Grandmother called Mikes Step Brothers Grandmother and she said, "oh no he will pay it, or I will out of his inheritance."

Why he even felt the need to put his nose in our business when the truth is THEY DIDN'T KNOW ME AT ALL, nor did they have any real contact with Mike since he moved to NC. They knew Mike when he was a 17 year old kid, not the 34 year old family man he was when all this happened. I will also note that Nick thought they were "such a great family" well they are split up and with other people now. From likely cheating, but they are so great.

So yes Nick if his "Biological Mother" whom has been dead since we started the YouTube wanted "Nothing to do with Mike" I am sure it was because she didn't want to answer for what SHE did to him before he was TWO, unless your saying he deserved everything that happened to him, as a toddler. For the record; he does have relationships with some of his biological siblings, and then there is others that are just in to the wrong things and Mike chooses NOT to have that near his family.

And The Ex- Wife, seriously? You had to chime in also. How about you tell the truth on why he married you to start with. You told him your ex was going to take your son because he lived with you and you guys weren't "Married". I see you also failed to mention that your tax return was garnished the first time you claimed Mike because of a "Social Security" overpayment guess who was receiving that money instead of it going to your household. That's right, BM's Mother was Mikes "Rep. Payee". Lets not ,forget the fact that when he left he didn't take the couch that his Grandmother bought, or his other TV because he put the TV in your Childs room because he didn't want it to be to much change for him because he loved him. You said you "fell in love with him because he was so needy" yet when he actually needed you to help him get his license, or find a job in an AREA HE KNEW NOTHING ABOUT. You didn't think that was the role of a wife to do. We can also note here, that I had to file you guys' divorce papers because "you didn't know how" when initially Mike said, you file them that we would send you the money. I just don't understand this. Why people thought it was ok to kick my husband while he was down I will never understand. He is the most caring person I have ever met.

My Ex and I we had a crazy past we got together at 15, married at 18 and Jake was born 2 weeks later. No one heard anything from him. YOU KNOW WHY? Because no matter what, he knew I would never hurt my kids. Oh I should mention thought that that family tried to contact him and wanted him to "join forces" and he was like no way, and told me all about it. Nick you did so much 'reporting' and you had NO IDEA what you were talking about. You said my divorce with him was "reopened" and implied so he could get custody. I re-opened that so he could GIVE MIKE LEGAL CUSTODY until we got back from Disney and we could eventually get a legal adoption done. Then I closed it and just filed for the legal adoption, IT WAS SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN after we returned from Disney. SADLY because of all this, it had to be postponed. Another thing TAKEN from Jake, Ryan, and Alex.

You can find the lies here and at this point thousands of other places I am sure;

Just google DaddyOFive and Rose Hall you'll find many more I am sure.

Some of the most repeated lies included...

  • Me stealing the kids

  • Forging document's

  • Altered text with some deleted

  • Mike not helping with the kids

  • Her 'losing' and the Judge siding with us (we never got seen by a Judge in the end)

  • Her being railroaded with the Attorney stuff

  • I kept Medication from them

  • We destroyed all their stuff, and the best one yet

  • Mike "Violating" the protection order in July when he signed the CONSENT ORDER in May knowing the kids weren't going to be with her.

  • Let's not forget that we beat them, forced them to make videos, and who knows what everyone came up with.

That whole family not only encouraged but they egged on the harassment and BULLYING of our family. It is the definition of SLANDER, LIBEL, DEFAMATION. Could we sue the