To our loving, and loyal FAMILY.


Today we had our hands tied. In order to move on with the healing process from the 2017 events, we have AGREED WILLINGLY to remove our videos, from even this site.  For the sake and well being of our family Mike and I feel it is best that we take a long break from the public spotlight.

We will remain in contact with you guys via our social medias, you will forever be family to us.

We have done EVERYTHING we could do, to move on and rebuild our lives. What we went through was a life changing, and life altering experience. Our true story has yet to be captured. I only hope that one day it can be, so no other family or person has to go through what we have went through as parents, and as a family.


For those that have stood by our side, no amount of THANK YOU would ever be enough. 

Please remember to cancel your pay-pal automatic transactions for your subscriptions, as we have no control over that. However, I have notified pay-pal that we have stopped the vlog subscription service. Unfortunately, as of Friday Janury 18,2019 we CAN NOT offer REFUNDS on subscriptions paid due to not cancelling and that money will be processed as a donation to Jake, Ryan, and Alex's college funds. **UPDATE** I THINK I was able to cancel all subscriptions, however, if yours is not canceled please remember to do so as we cannot issue any more refunds.** 

The boys will remain making videos for their YouTube Channel "The Martin Boys" that channel is owned, operated, and managed by their Grandparents. Mike and I have NOTHING to do with that channel in anyway.  

This is not a goodbye, only a "until we see you again".  

Always remember to never give up on your dreams! Fight for what is right but fight in the name of LOVE NOT HATE. 

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