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I am the Mama, I am the BOSS, I am also a strong independent woman. I love my family more then life itself. Many times I have been told; my heart is too big for my own good. Sometimes life may knock you down, cry your tears, accept what you can't change, and GET UP. Always get back up; especially when you have your children watching. Life has definitely thrown me some curve balls, I will always come out SWINGING! 

I am the Dad, and the prank master! Family is everything. I like to have fun and laugh, I like to play with my kids. One day they will out grow Dad and when that day comes I want to know I had as many memories with them as possible. My family is all I need in this world.

Jake Martin- 20 AKA BabyDon

I am 20! My passion is making videos with my family, football, MUSIC, and having fun! This world seems to think they know my family, and I am DETERMINED to prove they don't. My parents are the most loving, dedicated, supportive people in our lives. They would literally do anything they could to make sure my brothers and I have a bright future!

I am all about them Instagram follows so if you haven't already go follow me!!!!

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                                   Ryan Martin-18                                       Alex Martin-15


Mikey J-3

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