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We are the Martins

Originally on YouTube vlogging our lives. As well Pranks, silliness, and family fun.

If you think you know us from SELF SERVING DRAMA CONTENT CREATORS with their own agendas, or a BBM you don't. You can't tell who someone is by 5 minutes of what you think is their life on a screen. A platform that is meant for CREATING. What happened to our family was not ok, and we are going to be a voice and keep talking until someone decides to listen.


Our fans are a part of our FAMILY. We don't just want a fan base we want a community of people that love and care about each other. 

We have learned many lessons in this journey called life; and we just hope that we can inspire others to know that when you get knocked down, or make a bad decision, it is possible to get back up. That just because its the "popular" vote DOESN'T MEANT IT'S TRUTH. And lastly, that you define yourself, no one else can take that power from you.

Being different is a gift; embrace it, love it, and love yourself. It can't rain all the time!

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