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So FAMILY I miss you guys

I am not going to make videos again for a while but I figured until then I can share some of my tips and trick on how to save money with a large family or just how to save money period.

My very first tip down load the IBOTTA rebate app I have already made so much money just doing my regular purchases.

If you download and use my code you join my team and we can cheer each other one and see how we are doing. ITS SO FUN and addictive.

The link is or my code by itself it just psckkci now when you sign up with my code I will get a referral bonus and you will get a bonus for everyone that signs up under you. you also get bonus' from having so many team members. I absolutely LOVE this app...... I have been coupling again for a while now and can't wait to share some of my tricks and finds.

When you use the app just once you will get a $10 sign up bonus AWESOME RIGHT?

Now remember you have to read the rules about using they app and make you you adhere to them.

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